10 Types Of Werewolves To Consider Playing As In The Sims 4

Petey Plays It

Petey Plays It

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A guide looking at 10 different types of werewolves that you can create and play as in the Sims 4. The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack will need to be installed to have werewolf sims. Please like and comment, and Subscribe here: 🤍bit.ly/2ZM0L4h This focuses on a wide range of different werewolves that you could consider making or drawing inspiration from, such as a loner werewolf, a savage werewolf, an astronomer werewolf and even a vampire slaying werewolf. I know, lots of action! Cheat to buy objects that are locked behind careers or goals and objectives: To turn on: bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement Socials: Twitch: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/peteyplaysit Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/peterconte1/ Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/peter_conte

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10 Types Of Werewolves To Consider Playing As In The Sims 4
10 Types Of Werewolves To Consider Playing As In The Sims 4
10 Types Of Werewolves To Consider Playing As In The Sims 4
10 Types Of Werewolves To Consider Playing As In The Sims 4
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An Otter With a Phone
2023-07-17 18:04:59

Having a Celebrity Paranormal Investigator Werewolf myself...
He actually did a gig for Judith Ward recently and befriended her when done.
(Also turned her into a Werewolf)

2023-07-07 22:45:32

The only werewolf aspiration I have is werewolf initiate. Am I missing something?

Lacey Admore
2023-07-05 23:01:06

Hi Petey! I really enjoy your videos and I find them super helpful! I just bought the werewolf expansion pack is part of this recent Sim sale and I decided I'm doing a veterinarian werewolf with a vegetarian trait. I love your idea of doing a farmer so I might add that to my playthrough as well! Thank you for always being so creative (and sometimes chaotic 😁) and sharing your ideas with the rest of us! ❤

Ciphen's Narrative
2023-06-26 18:01:30

How about a werewolf who originally started out as a vampire, but cured themselves because they hated their vampire life? I think it could tie in nicely with the vampire slayer werewolf. I'm planning on doing this with one of my many vampire Sims, Irene. Her story is that she's the estranged daughter of my evil Vampiress, Asra, and she wishes to become mortal and become a werewolf (she had a childhood bestie who later left because she was a vampire and the two occults are enemies 😢). Along the way, she starts crushing on a Princess Ariel coded Mermaid Sim, Athena. And as a bonus, Athena's cousin, Artemis, is a werewolf... I might have her be the one to turn Irene... who knows?

Momo Loves Horses!
2023-06-20 04:25:11

I am playing as a young werewolf who dreams of becoming the greatest werewolf ever seen. He recently had a science baby girl, and she aged up to an infant. I can't wait to teach her about being a werewolf 😊

Bust it op3n23
2023-04-20 22:37:47

The beginning talk about gta in the sims lol

2023-04-15 21:20:00

Playing a abridged version going (order of the rainbow) of the Not So Berry challenge (o.g. was made by lilsimsie and her friend) on the red gen semester 2 Conan is a dormant werewolf and he had a child with a sim from the Akiyama family and the child IS a werewolf lord help me.

big papaya
2023-04-08 03:47:21

Does anyone know if there’s a cheat to disable pack task requirements? I have a glitch where I can’t see if I fulfilled them and I’m not sure if being alpha makes the task requirements go away 😅

2023-03-24 17:47:18

I'm going to play this game differently I'm going to play a robotic werewolf. And have a family with chomp chomp

If I find someone with amazing compatible I'll bite them

Mik Mak
2023-03-22 15:11:54

Wow thank you for these ideas it really gave me some

2023-03-22 02:19:10

I don’t have this pack, but I’m about to start a Beauty and the Werewolf challenge . So far the premise is trap 2 sims with conflicting traits in one house and force them to both complete the love aspiration within one full moon, but if I do get the werewolves pack before I start this challenge any ideas of how to incorporate it?

Supergirl UK1818
2023-03-21 22:23:06

I have a peaceful wolf, living on the little lot opposite the collective. 3x Eco action plans on, Simple living + Off the Grid, in a micro home. It was the cutest little upcycled shack! 🥰 They had a pet Fox (dog), was a Florist (WFH), collecting all the plants in the game for the garden, using Fox poop for fertiliser. I'd take the harvest (what was left after cooking and bouquets) and sell for a haggled price in Henford and while there talk to the locals for diplomacy. Tried the Rockstar, a 'Queen of the damned' situation (but with wolves) but fame and rampages do not mix! 😂🤦‍♀️

2023-03-19 14:00:54

These are all such fun ideas! I love your channel, it keeps my gameplay fresh❤️

2023-03-16 22:58:09

Why does he talk like that?

2023-03-16 17:22:22

Totally love this video, and probably gonna use one or two for my future Werewolves!

Another fun idea is celeb werewolf!

2023-03-15 19:19:39

It would be awesome if werewolves could slaughter cows.

Selena Hui
2023-03-12 10:39:43

Having a werewolf farmer is really cute I can assure ya. I have a female Sims who happened to be a domain wolf so I just moved her home to Cordelia's cottage from cottage living pack. Gave her a story as a hidden werewolf girl who lived in the depth of the forest, far away from everyone. I also didn't awake her werewolf blood, as the story said she didn't know about her werewolf blood until she gave birth to a baby wolf 🐺

Reyna Valdez
2023-03-12 09:22:14

:O I never thought about combining werewolves with gameplay like that... I really like your ideas:D

Lilly Sims
2023-03-12 07:41:30

Love these ideas. I don’t have the pack but if I did these would make game play more interesting . Another great video thank you

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