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Anamanaguchi - Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem)


Pre-Order [USA]: 🤍 Tour Dates: 🤍 Video by Eric Epstein & Anamanaguchi Anamanaguchi logo by Gerard Caye & Brandon James Greer Illuminations courtesy of The Digital Walters

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LORAM rail grinder at work Mile 299

60 Second Photoshop Tutorial : CS6 New Lorem Ipsum Generator -HD-


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Lilly PA 10.07.12: Loram Ipsum, Part 1


Busy, busy, busy... At 11:43, the gates at Carneys Crossing lowered again and another eastbound announced its approach. For a split second, the presence of an SD70M-2 on the point registered the consist in my mind as a stack train, but my assumptions were proven way off as the rest of the train rounded the curve - coupled behind the 2760 were 2-bay covered hopper CEFX 304062 and Loram ditch cleaner DC-3. Close behind at 11:52 and one track over was 64J, coming in fast behind the same lashup as the October 6th 65J but in reverse order - C40-9W 9750, UP SD70M 4278, and C40-9W 9207. Finally, what the light helper set at 11:55 lacked in train length it made up for in horn salute finesse as SD40Es 6320 and 6308 flew through on track 1. Six trains in 37 minutes? Don't mind if I do, but the need to change locations had regained its strength.

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Loram Rail grinder in Saint James, NY


Saw this thing when I was on the way to a friends BBQ.

How To Disable Lorem Ipsum Text in Photoshop CC


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Huntingdon PA 10.07.12: Loram Ipsum, Part 2


Go east, young man... I didn't have any intentions of chasing after 64J or the Loram move, but in a twist of fate that's how it turned out. For a change of pace, I shifted over to Huntingdon to check out the station area, with the restored HUNT Tower standing vigil in the distance. Other remnants of the Pennsy's greatness were also visible - In addition to the tower, the original station platform and railing sat well back from the present-day double track, alluding to the width of the long gone four-track main. Likewise, the diminutive Amtrak shed and present-day platform sat in front of the grand brick structure that used to serve as the PRR's station, now parceled out for multiple non-rail uses but still bearing a classic sign to remind travelers where they were. The rails were silent when I arrived, and I used the time to take in the scene and imagine myself standing there in the four-track era, with keystone-bedecked trains rolling past in a constant parade - right up until I was snapped back to the present by 64J as it barreled out from behind HUNT Tower and whipped past the station in a flash of black, blue, and UP yellow at 1:25. Forty minutes later, I was paying attention and better prepared as the Loram ditch cleaner move made its second appearance. It was looking more and more like I might need to avail myself of the Amtrak shed's extended roof... For a look at action in this same area in the mid-1970s, consider picking up a copy of Green Frog's 'Penn Central - Volume 5' at 🤍greenfrog.com. Their preview of it here on YouTube has a couple of fleeting glimpses of the old eastbound platform: 🤍

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Loram LRV-14 Railvac Rail Vacuum, BNSF Railroad


First time I've seen a Loram LRV14 Railvac. Unfortunately I didn't see it in operation, just parked north of Kingman Arizona. Railway Rail Vacuum machine, heavy equipment, railway maintenance machinery workers, rail grinding, cleaning crew, excavator, cleaning. This is high definition [HD] video footage for Youtube. Peace, Mark Allen Channel (4GUESTS.COM)

HD: CSX W051: LORAM 'machine' and caboose! 1-6-13.


A very interesting work-train to see running down the River Line; CSX W051 with a LORAM machine (no idea what exactly it is) with a LORAM caboose trailing it. CSX SD60i 8730 (YN3) is in charge of this train. For the best quality watch in HD 720p and I hope you enjoy!

Lora Mipsum | HÖR - Nov 30 / 2022


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Add Lorem Ipsum Text in HTML in VS Code


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CEFX Leaser + LORAM Railvac Machine on NS 316 Train


Train Please Comment, Like and Subscribe. New Train Videos added every day. Have uploaded over 2700 Train Videos in the last year........🤍wideworldoftrains.com .......CEFX Leaser + LORAM Railvac Machine on NS 316 Train Big Long and Massive Trains Here at Wide World of Trains. I want to start doing Airplane and Jet videos at Air Shows Some Day

4-21-12 -Rarely See This- [LORAM] RG 315 Rail Grinding Train East At Kamloops BC


Shot 5:44Pm On CN's Ashcroft Subdivision At Mile 4. Enjoy! leave comments please.

Loram Rail Grinder


A Loram Rail Grinder moving through the Nampa yard on the mainline. The machine was working further down near Kuna, Idaho.

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HiDef: CN L550, a LORAM Railgrinder, and NS 145 (8-28-2010)


[Watch in HD] Caught a few at Wabic while hanging out with Doug Wolfe and Mike Jacobs today. Shot #1 - 2:41 p.m. CN L55091-28 (Decatur, IL - Mattoon, IL) exits town with a couple of ex-IC geeps. The engineer was pretty nice giving some horn at the diamond. IC/CN GP38-2 9571 IC/CN GP38-2 9573 Shot #2 - 3:45 p.m. A LORAM Railgrinder slowly approaches Wabic. Also, a CN interchange train going to CSX patiently sits waiting for their turn to eventually cross the diamond. RG 314 Shot #3 - 4:11 p.m. The Ford auto parts train NS 145 (Buffalo, NY - Kansas City, MO) leaves Decatur with a nice standard cab SD70 duo. Will have to stop at the Mosser signals not too far from here, see NS 398, then finally leave town. NS SD70 2563 NS SD70 2510 ©2010 IC1034 Productions

Loram ballast undercutter


Km750 traveling about 50 miles outside of pasco washington, 10-10-12. Never see any vids of my machine or crew o. Here, so here ya go. Had the truck that day for parts and supplys trip.

RARE MUST SEE! Loram Railvac on track 1 at Stamford


Stayed out late to get this one, totally worth it. A Loram Railvac runs by me on track 1 at 11:20 at night. He was going slow enough that I ran down & got him going past me again. This made for a nice end to railfanning late last Wednesday

Loram Ballast Cleaner BC11


Loram BC-11 cleaning the track ballast in Jessup, Ga. January 27, 2013

Loram rail grinder at Canoe


Loram rail grinder at Canoe

LORAM RAIL GRINDER RG-15 Máquina de Mantenimiento de los Rieles (11/04/2016) Ags/Ags/MX


LORAM RAIL GRINDER RG-15 Esta Máquina se Encarga de Brindar Mantenimiento a las Vías por Dónde pasa el Tren, por Ejemplo que Estén Bien Derechas, que no Estén Deformadas, que no Tengan Grietas o Fisuras y que Estén Bien Pulidas. Día: Lunes 11 de Abril 2016. Hora: 08:11:56 p.m. Ubicación: Avenida Manuel Gómez Morín a un Costado del Parque de las Tres Centurias en Aguascalientes Aguascalientes, México. Dirección del Convoy: Sur a Norte. Si te Gustó Este Vídeo Dale Like, Comenta, Comparte & Suscríbete Para Seguir Subiendo Más & Más Vídeos de Trenes. NO OLVIDES ACTIVAR LAS NOTIFICACIONES EN LA CAMPANITA, LA CUAL APARECE AL LADO DERECHO DE LA PANTALLA PARA QUE ASÍ PUEDAS SABER CUÁNDO PUBLICÓ NUEVO CONTENIDO EN ESTE CANAL. If You Liked This Video, Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe To Continue Uploading More & More Videos Of Trains. DO NOT FORGET TO ACTIVATE THE NOTIFICATIONS IN THE CAMPANITA, WHICH APPEARS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN SO THAT YOU CAN KNOW WHEN YOU PUBLISHED NEW CONTENT IN THIS CHANNEL.

Highlights #12 | "The Comeback” | Lorem Free Fire | 2022.


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Loram Rail Grinder


Loram Rail Grinder on the FEC.

CP Ethanol LORAM Woodstock Ont 9-28-2012


Ethanol with CP 8655 CITX 3081 CP 5958 ICE 6211 CP 9627 CP 8849 LORAM RG 404

Loram Mow Worktrain Through Plato Center, IL


This train just popped up, was not expecting it. DC-1, ditch cleaner is what this was.

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Loram y FXE 4630


Hola amigos, aqui les dejo este video

Train 140 Runs Around A Loram Machine


Video of A Freight Train, number 140 running around A Loram Rail grinding Machine at Jenkinsburg Georgia, on 4-22-11.



What a surprise! UP Pana Sub. ran a Loram RailGrinder passed Livingston, Illinois today that will meet a BNSF MADGAL Heritage one locomotive at Gard, IL. This was taken off my cell phone so sorry for the quality.

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CSX Q395 Meets LORAM Gail Gringer RG314 at Alida, IN


RAILFANNING 01/23/12 COPYRIGHT CONRAIL CHICAGO LINE PRODUCTIONS CSX Q395 with a SD70ACe and a repainted LMS C40-8W head west past LORAM Rail Grinder RG314 at the tiny community of Alida on CSX's Garrett Subdivision 219.5 miles west of Willard, Ohio. Notice how the ditch lights on the ACe both flash at the same time. Q395 Willard, OH - Gary, IN/CN

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Loram Rail Grinder At Attridge Rd In North Chili, NY 8-11-18


Please set to HD for best viewing. Please, comment, like, and subscribe for more of the greatest railfanning in upper New York State and also for more plane videos!

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