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Hello guys! Today I'm gonna be showcasing 50 cross-pack features in The Sims 4 that you might not know! Custom Contents used: - Indonesian high school uniform: 🤍 - Bella Goth Sims 1 Costume: 🤍🤍 - Javanese traditional wedding dress: 🤍 - Living mannequin: can be searched on the Gallery with the keyword "mannequin" My Twitter: 🤍 My Instagram: 🤍🤍 My TikTok: 🤍🤍🤍onlyabidoang24 NOTE: - To everyone who's still wondering, I'm Indonesian. - Buat yang masih sering bertanya-tanya, ya gua orang Indonesia. 00:00 Intro 01:15 1. Different types of climates in each worlds 01:58 2. Using robot vacuum cleaner to reduce dust level 02:09 3. Knitting clothing for animals 02:22 4. Club features 02:45 5. Different descriptions of each world’s home region 03:11 6. Ways to obtain fame points 03:44 7. Setting the menu for restaurant 04:07 8. Improving rock-climbing skill with rock-climbing treadmill 04:16 9. Buy voidcritter cards from vending machine 04:25 10. Aggresive dogs can scare away wild foxes 04:34 11. The interaction of cats and dogs with other animals 04:46 12. Celebrity can boost the admission chance for university 05:04 13. Enrolling university major to boost careers 05:20 14. Arrange your own wedding bouquet 05:31 15. Butler and Bonehilda can do laundry and vacuum 05:46 16. Cats can play with laundry objects 06:00 17. Cats can play with yarn basket 06:15 18. Finding collectibles by using a dust bunny 06:32 19. Vampires drinking from possessed sim 06:42 20. Juice fizzing from other packs 07:08 21. Set cats/dogs as spellcaster's familiars 07:33 22. Vet vampires can extract plasma from pets 07:43 23. Cats and dogs are afraid of thunderstorm 07:52 24. Special energized moodlet from pets 08:14 25. Using beeswax to make candles 08:25 26. Vampire can use umbrella as protection 08:36 27. The interaction of cats and dogs with rodents 08:41 28. Animals seek shelter from bad weather 08:54 29. Kids and teens can do yoga to improve character values 09:03 30. Enrolling in a class from another packs’ skills 09:20 31. Mermaids ability to influence weather 09:33 32. Activities to fulfill mermaid’s hydration need 09:58 33. Mermaid’s singing skill boost 10:04 34. Spellcaster’s medium skill boost 10:12 35. “Nifty Stitching” moodlet when cross-stitching 10:23 36. Doctor playset can impact moodlet 10:35 37. Protecting vampire from sunlight by using facial mask 10:46 38. Getting rid of sunburn by using Sun Soothing facial mask 10:55 39. Using Hydrating facial mask to fulfil mermaid’s hydration need 11:11 40. Acid rain 11:38 41. Rain reduces Servo robot’s durability need 12:00 42. Weather impacts the green energy and water source machines 12:18 43. The interaction between werewolf and vampire 12:41 44. Werewolf ability to smell another occults 12:57 45. Dog howls after werewolf 13:02 46. Obtaining the rare Moonwood Wand 13:27 47. Injuries that can be healed by “Natural Healing” ability 13:56 48. Teenager can apply to university eaely 14:09 49. Skills from other packs in high school 14:25 50. Limitations if you get expelled from high school 14:41 Outro

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2023-08-27 13:50:01

I can’t believe thr sims 4 is going to be a decade old in 2024

Azib 0126
2023-08-17 06:37:30

Lmao skill issue sdGojSmKzUU&t=4m45s 4:45

2023-08-07 23:47:52

ever since playing sims 3 as a kid I’ve always loved cross pack interactions, thank you for making this video (::

2023-08-07 02:08:25

Vampires: Steals blood from dogs for the purpose of consumption as vets
Also vampires: Ew! I hate stinky werewolf blood! 🤮

Steve Clark
2023-07-06 08:13:59

8 years later and we still lack basic features like Create a World and Create a Style and stuff. Sims 4 has its ups but it’s been 8 fucking years goddammit! Sims 4 was already crippled by the engine being designed under the intentions of multiplayer, which never fucking happened anyway. Let’s hope that Sims 5 isn’t crippled by mobile crossplay and online multiplayer and stuff. Mobile and online is nice, but not as the flagship game.

But, EA loves money.

This probably isn’t the most relevant to put here now that I think about it, but I’ve already spent a minute typing this.

Gabriella NR
2023-06-27 19:23:32

this video must have taken so much work and time to make, jesus

Katie Harrison
2023-06-27 03:00:25

sdGojSmKzUU&t=1m02s 1:02 Im gonna tell my kids this was twilight

Debanjan Roy
2023-06-21 13:28:16

Really wanted to know the cross pack features...keep it coming...Great job bro!

Brandon Allen
2023-05-22 19:56:48

It might sound like alot of expansions, but if we're being honest here it's not, it sounds like a huge cash-grab exploiting the community that built this game up (I know we're talking about EA here but is still a slap to the face); most of these are re-released from old expansions, and even those are split into subcategories for lack of a better word; for example in sims supernatural you got witches vampires and werewolves plus extra in one expansion pack where in sims 4 they spread it out between (at least) 3 different "Game Packs" while families are spread out just as much, and famous lifestyle just as much.
I love the Sims (since the first game) but what EA has done with it every generation is tasteless between dumbing down the neighborhoods, the aforementioned cash-grab, and shamelessly acting like they respect the franchise and its community.

Crimson Rose
2023-05-20 22:48:25

8 years. Aware.

Eve Lo
2023-05-16 08:25:09

learned today that your pets can escape b/c of fear during an earthquake :(

Mingus, the protector
2023-04-27 09:33:16

Can I just acknowledge how great the music is in this video

Leaf & Watermelon
2023-04-10 05:45:14

I heard the music you are using in the Urbz gba game

Val CK
2023-04-03 08:35:22

Okay thanks, now I can recreate Twilight Saga in sims

revolver boah
2023-03-25 11:59:51

What's the vampire hair? What pack is it that have that hair?

2023-03-24 13:39:51

sdGojSmKzUU&t=12m58s 12:58 the only reason I’d ever want to get the weird furry pack....SO CUTE

2023-03-22 12:59:59

as a game dev myself i wonder how hard and complex it is to make a game like sims

Nicolaevna Morthel
2023-03-19 14:00:48

Wow, I didn't know most of these stuff. Thanks for finding them out.

2023-03-18 14:26:24

Is it me or sdGojSmKzUU&t=5m03s 5:03 it sounds like the sim is saying “cry like a bitch” 😭😭

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