The Sims 4: ALL Toddler Features on ALL PACKS!



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Hello guys! Today I'm gonna be showcasing all toddler gameplay features on all packs in The Sims 4! Mods/Custom Contents used: - Indonesian scout high school uniform: 🤍 - Poco-poco dance: 🤍🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 My Sims Instagram: 🤍🤍 My Personal Instagram: 🤍🤍 My TikTok: 🤍🤍🤍onlyabidoang24 NOTE: - To everyone who's still wondering, I'm Indonesian. - Buat yang masih sering bertanya-tanya, ya gua orang Indonesia.

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The Sims 4: ALL Toddler Features on ALL PACKS!
The Sims 4: ALL Toddler Features on ALL PACKS!
The Sims 4: ALL Toddler Features on ALL PACKS!
The Sims 4: ALL Toddler Features on ALL PACKS!
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Your mom🤓
2023-09-23 00:50:43

How do you be a baby in The sims4

Purple Pikmin
2023-08-28 09:48:35

why do u have werewolfs stay in form...

Selena Hui
2023-08-12 22:43:40

How do you put the Sims toddler in that rodent cage I wonder?

2023-07-23 08:23:56

For some reason, I thought the toddler ball pit would be a new woohoo spot 💀

2023-06-25 22:29:37

Idc how annoying they can be, sims 4 toddlers are fricking cute!

Ganchimeg Magsarjav
2023-06-20 04:06:39

hi can you do mod showcase named possesed child?

Falco Lombardi
2023-06-02 17:45:16

I love how the chicken hugs the toddler back, so cute

2023-05-09 21:49:47

That strangerville toddler was terrifying.

2023-04-26 03:25:50

i love how rampaging werewolves can put aside their anger for a few moments to hug a toddler

2023-04-20 14:56:52

Do toddlers have any interactions with the Little Camper kit?

2023-04-19 01:39:34

Are you sure you don't have that backwards? qDKtnxzHZJ4&t=5m47s 5:47
Could totally be a Sims team screw up, but teaching to say sorry makes way more sense for conflict resolution and teach please and thank you makes more sense for manners but you said it was the other way around.

2023-04-16 13:50:05

The toddler in the rodent cage is GOLD

2023-04-11 15:39:03

How does growing together world (San sequoia) have the lot challenge quake zone, but the quake zone lot challenge is from city living

2023-04-07 19:06:12

Toddlers are really fun to play with. Thanks for the extra tips I didn't know about 👍

Dimensional Clones
2023-04-05 04:02:31

There's something about the toddlers synchronized dancing that is very amusing to watch for me.

2023-03-30 18:15:15

The rooster hug😭😭😭😭❤️

Gerardus Dwi
2023-03-27 14:34:59

Me waiting for Mas Abi review growing together dlc, especially infant UWU

Animalistic 23
2023-03-24 19:37:41

The cute dancing at the end🥺💗

Ethan Cox
2023-03-20 07:16:07

Aww, they are just adorable!

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